On behalf of Whitehorse City Council, I thank you and Mohamed for participating in the harmony Day event on Sunday. Your activity marquee and stage performance were both fantastic and important in making this a multicultural and vibrant event
— Vivian Tee, Whitehorse Harmony Day Festival
The town heard the drums talk and their message was an invitation for people to join in and play. A fresh, vibrant and engaging event. Mohamed and Anna brought the Village Green alive with the throbbing of the drums and soon young and old together were enjoying this new event. Families, adults, children - they all participated in the sessions. Smiles were seen all around and people wandered off at the end with a lilt to their steps and a promise to come back next year
— Henry Toller-Bond, Publicity Officer

Bring people and communities together with Australia's most engaging percussion and dance ensemble, Rhythm of Life!

Our interactive workshops and performances will have everyone joining in, sharing the fun, making memories to last a lifetime.

Hands-on African drumming workshops

Experience the rich and vibrant culture of West Africa through djembe drumming!

Rhythm of Life present energetic and fun African drumming workshops, lead by Guinean master drummer Mohamed Camara. The workshops cover basic djembe technique, call-and-response, solos, accompaniments, improvisation and African song.

Suitable to people of all ages and abilities, with no experience necessary. We provide up to 40 drums for the workshops.


Traditional African drum and dance ensemble

Rhythm of Life's traditional ensemble features African master drummers and dancers in colourful traditional costumes playing high energy djembe hand drums, dun dun bass drums, balafon (xylophone), kora (stringed harp), singing and dance.

Our performances can be interactive, involving audiences with African drumming, singing and dance, and we also offer roving performances.

We can provide any number of performers for your event. 

Jarabi Band: 

Jarabi presents a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary music and dance from Guinea, West Africa, taking audiences on a journey from the ancient Manding Empire to contemporary city life. Founded by Guinean master musician Mohamed Camara, the ensemble features Mohamed's distinctly rich vocals, intricate melodies on the kora, guitar and balafon, upbeat drums, bass and percussion and dynamic dance. Combining the rich influence of Mohamed’s Manding heritage with contemporary styles, Jarabi creates a unique sound that reflects Australia’s vibrant and diverse music scene. You will find your feet and heart moved by the rhythms and songs of Guinea!

See Jarabi in action!

Recent Festival workshops and performances include:

  • Maroondah Festival

  • Bright n Sandy

  • Malahang

  • Clayton Festival

  • Whitehorse Harmony Day

  • Emerge Festival

  • Fruitbowl Family Christmas Day

  • Springvale Snow Fest

  • Ashwood Family Funday

  • Vietnamese Children's Festival


All year round, including Sundays.


Fees are negotiable to cater for your budget.

Fees vary depending on the number of participants, duration of the workshop/performance and the number of artists we provide.

We can provide from one to six artists for a workshop/performance, including dancers.