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Primary and Secondary School

Rhythm of Life’s schools program presents an insight into the exciting and colourful culture of West Africa. Suited to all ages and abilities, the workshops promote self-expression, participation and teamwork, and help to develop co-ordination and focus. Rhythm of Life share their stories and experiences of West African music and life, outlining the cultural and historical significance of traditional music and dance. The workshops are highly structured and tailored to suit your school’s particular needs and curriculum requirements. The experience is engaging and accessible to all students, and above all, fun!

School hands-onSchool interactive

Interactive performances

Interactive performances cater for groups of any size. The artists perform traditional repertoire, demonstrating the various traditional instruments and rhythms. They also tell stories of the West African music tradition, and involve students with call-and-response, songs, and body percussion.

Hands-on workshops

Hands-on percussion workshops cater for groups of up to 50. The group explores the different components of a traditional rhythm, including basic techniques, accompaniments, arrangements, improvisation and drum solos. Students have the opportunity to try the different percussion instruments, a song and dance, and learn the story behind the rhythm. All instruments supplied.

Artist-in-Residence Programs

These can be tailored to fit your school’s curriculum, and can work towards a performance of the repertoire learnt during the program, for example at a school assembly, production, graduation ceremony or fete. All instruments supplied for groups of up to 30.

Fees are negotiable to cater for your school's budget. Fees vary depending on the number of participants, duration of the workshop/performance and the number of artists we provide. We can provide from one to five artists for a workshop/performance, including dancers. Contact us today for a quote.


"Mohamed and Anna bring a warmth and enthusiasm to their workshops which enables the children to take risks and participate fully in the joy of African drumming. Their virtuosity is stunning, yet they are able to make all participants feel valuable and equal in the drumming circle. The children end up playing very complex rhythmic patterns, and more importantly, they love it. I would recommend Rhythm of Life African Drumming to any teacher who is looking for a fun, engaging and rich musical experience for their students."  
- Roz Girvan, Director of Music, Clifton Hill Primary School
"Dear Anna and Mohamed, 
Thank you so much for the wonderful African music experience you shared with us on Tuesday 8th December. The instruments, the singing and the dancing were very entertaining and the interaction that invited us to be a part of what you were doing was an enjoyable and valuable part of the whole experience. It was a musical treat for all of us, children and teachers, and such a lovely way to finish up our music program for this year. There were lots of positive comments flying between us all on Tuesday afternoon, and also in the days that followed." 
Thanks again... and happy days!"
- Kathy Shaw, Director of Music, St Thomas More Primary School

Recent schools include: 

  • Clifton Hill Primary School
  • Ss Peter and Paul's School
  • Yarraman Oaks Primary School
  • Doncaster Primary School
  • Olympic Village Primary School
  • Richmond West Primary School
  • West Brunswick Primary School
  • St. Thomas More Primary School
  • Sacred Heart School Fitzroy
  • Eltham High School
  • Mac.Robertson Girls' High School
  • Canterbury Girls Secondary College
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