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Jun 27
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African Drumming Classes Melbourne

See what our students have achieved on our YouTube page!  www.youtube.com/RhythmOfLifeAD

Guinean master drummer Mohamed Camara teaches students traditional rhythms and songs from Guinea, West Africa. The class involves both djembe and dun dun tuition, offering students an amazing drumming experience in its traditional cultural context!
Have a listen to the wonderful Radio National podcast of our drumming classes!

2019 Course Dates:

Term 2: 
Northcote classes: Monday 29th April - 24th June (8-week course, no class 10th June)
Reservoir classes: Wednesday 1st May - 19th June
Term 3: 
Northcote classes: Monday 15th July - 2nd September
Reservoir classes: Wednesday 17th July -  4th September

Northcote Classes:

Address: Jika Jika Community Centre, 1 Plant St Northcote

Beginners Djembe and Dun duns:
Time: 7-8pm Mondays
Casual: $20 per class
Upfront payment for 8-week course: $140
Drums supplied or bring your own

NEW Reservoir Classes:

Address: Reservoir Neighbourhood House, 2 Cuthbert Rd Reservoir VIC
Beginners Djembe and Dun duns:
Time: 7-8pm Wednesdays
Casual: $20 per class
Upfront payment for 8-week course: $140
Drums supplied or bring your own
Intermediate/ Advanced Djembe and Dun duns:
Time: 8-9:30pm Wednesdays
Casual: $30 per class
Upfront payment for 8-week course: $210
Drums supplied or bring your own
COUrse Content

The course covers a wide variety of traditional rhythms from Guinea, West Africa, involving djembe accompaniments and solos, breaks, dun dun accompaniments and songs. The rhythms come from the different tribal groups in Guinea, including both 4/4 and 6/8 time, and Mohamed covers djembe technique and explains the cultural significance of each rhythm in its historical context. 


By the end of the course students will have a greater understanding of rhythm and pulse, djembe technique, the cultural context of the rhythms, and will be familiar with a broad repertoire of traditional Guinean rhythms and songs.

*Recent student performances include the Australia Day concert at the Myer Music Bowl, Art of Living Festival, Melbourne Language Picnic, Springvale Festival, Sunbury Festival, Unity in Diversity Festival, Multicultural Spring Festival.
The Heart of Africa at your fingertips

"I am really joyful for having discovered the djembe and really sad for all of what I missed all these years without playing the djembe. If I could, I would be all day in a drum circle playing and sharing as the amount of teaching going on in these sessions, through eye contact, unspoken gestures, feeling, emotions, rhythm, breath, energy and life is truly amazing. A pleasurable feeling that lasts 72 hours after each drumming session according to the experts, pretty much the amount of hours I remain with a smile after the courses with Mohamed and Anna. Love, care, dedication, passion, authenticity and genuineness are poured into the classes by the teacher and his team of more advanced students. For a newbie like me, it is a pleasure to sit in the circle and feel immediately that I am making music instead of clumsy noises! it is a fantastic experience, I encourage all of you to join in you won't regret it....bring your heart into it and your best feelings and let's share it all together with this fantastic instrument resonating from the Heart of Africa deep into yours."

-Barbara Meneses, beginners drumming course participant

Private Tuition:

Mohamed and Anna offer private tuition on djembe, dun duns, balafon (Guinean xylophone) and kora (stringed harp). Lessons take place in Watsonia, Melbourne, and cost $70 per hour. 

Gift Vouchers:

Give the perfect gift with a voucher to one of our African drumming courses! Contact us today to organise your gift voucher.

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